The Star: Controlling Dust Mites for Healthier Lifestyle

‘Controlling dust mites seriously is a major step towards a healthier lifestyle for allergy sufferers with dust mite allergen-induced symptoms’, reported in The Star Newspaper

Studies conducted over many years in Malaysia by Dr T.M. Ho and his team at the Institute for Medical Research, Kuala Lumpur, found that all houses surveyed had dust mites, with a minimum of at least six different species (in mattresses) in any house alone. House dust mites and their excrements are the most important cause of asthma worldwide. There is clear evidence that large amounts of mite allergens in houses are directly associated with asthma in children and adults. There is ample proof that living in surroundings with little or no dust mite allergens improves or cures allergic asthma.

To read the full article from the Star, click here.

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