Sofa Cleaning

Upholstery Hygiene TreatmentHow to clean sofa? One Hygienic provides professional sofa cleaning and sanitising service to residential and commercial properties in Malaysia. We can clean and protect your upholstery, cushion, fabric, leather and suede couch.

The highlight of One Hygienic’s cleaning system is the ability to refresh brightness and details of upholstery, that have been aged due to accumulation of dust, dirt and stains. Our revolutionary cleaning system have surpassed many conventional sofa cleaning systems.

Advantages of Upholstery Hygiene Treatment

Before & After Sofa CleaningConvenience

  • Cleaning can be done at home, office & business premises
  • Almost no drying time. Note: Heavily stained fabric would require slight drying time

Service Quality Assurance

  • Refresh brightness of fabric colour
  • No shrinkage of fabric
  • Removal of different types of spots & stains. Note: Result depends on the nature of stains

No Chemical Residue

  • No chemical residue on fabric
  • Safe for the baby, adolescence & elderly

Not Only Cleaned, Also Sanitised!

  • Eliminate bacteria, fungi and other micro-organisms
  • Delay re-infestation of dust mites

Treatment Process

1. Cleaning
A special high-speed rotating brush will infuse shampoo foam onto the upholstery for effective cleaning.
Upholstery Cleaning

2. Crystallization
The foam traps the dirt through crystallizing process.
Crystallization of dirt

3. Brush off
Once the foam crystallized and dried, the crystal-form residues are brushed off and removed easily.
Remove sofa dirts

4. Sanitization
Finally, the application of the internationally patented Potema® Sanitising Spray would protect the upholstery set against bacteria and viruses and delay the re-infestation of dust mites and allergens.
Sanitize Upholstery

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